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Heraldtec New Energy

In 2013, the company established the "Xianzhong Technology" brand. After ten years of development, it has become the largest lithium battery supporting enterprise for two wheeled vehicles in the northern region.
The stock code of the company is abbreviated as "Xianzhong Energy". In 2022, the company successfully registered trademarks such as "Heraldtec", "Heraldlion", and "Herald Energy", and was awarded honorary titles such as National High tech Enterprise, Tianjin Gazelle Enterprise, Tianjin Specialized and Special New Enterprise, and National Specialized and Special New Small Giant Enterprise, continuously highlighting the brand advantage of the company's advanced energy.

The company relies on renowned universities and research institutes in the Beijing Tianjin region to establish a strong R&D and technical team consisting of multiple experts and PhDs, with its own R&D center and industrial transformation base. The company currently has over 40 core patents, including lithium battery materials, battery manufacturing technology, and battery combination methods, which are reliable guarantees for the company's sustainable development.

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The Course Of History

Oct 2013


Nov 2016

The company has completed the shareholding system transformation

Aug 2017

The company's listing on the New Third Board

Apr 2020

The company relocated to a new factory site and expanded its business area to 10000 square meters

Jul 2020

The company has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology for the major special project support of "Science and Technology Assistance 2020"

Dec 2021

The company's turnover has exceeded 100 million yuan

May 2022

Promotion of the company to innovation level

Aug 2022

Completion and acceptance of the company's "Technology Assistance 2020" major special project

Sep 2022

The company has been approved as a national specialized, refined, and new "Little Giant" enterprise


Core Value

Factory tour

In 2017, it was listed on the New Third Board (securities code 871739).


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